Picking The Right Lace Dress

Lace dresses have always brought a special, romantic touch to gowns. It is known for its classic and timeless design, and many brides love to have lace on their gowns. Today, we will show you the different varieties of lace dresses we have!

Long-sleeved Lace Wedding Gowns -  Not wanting to bare too much skin but yet want to display a hint of playfulness? Check out some of our very popular illusion sleeves designs here at WeddingConfetti.

Nerissa Wedding Bridal Sleeveless Lace Grey / Champagne / Pink Gown 

Azalea Wedding Bridal Bridesmaid Pink Lace Dress / Gown

Chrisalyn Wedding Bridal Lace Champagne / Black Illusion Sleeves Gown / Dress


Leanne Wedding Bridal Bridesmaid Champagne Illusion Sheer Lace Off Shoulder Long Sleeves Dress / Gown

Blue Jasmine Wedding Bridal Bridesmaid Illusion Sleeves Sisters Sky Blue Lace Sleeves Gown/ Dress

Brides who prefer a white gown on their wedding day can also choose from our wedding lace collection too.

Brittany Wedding Bridal Lace Short Sleeve Off Shoulder Dress

Leona Wedding Bridal White Lace Sleeveless Mermaid Cut Gown / Dress

Lilette Wedding Bridal Lace Dress / Gown

Oribella Wedding Bridal White Mermaid Lace Dress / Gown

Not a fan of lace? A little frilly lace design can add a hint of uniqueness to a dress too!

Gwendolyn Wedding Bridal Red V Neck Gown

Eleanor Wedding Bridal Champagne Illusion Sleeves Bridesmaid Dresses

Illusion neckline and bodice - Wedding Bridal Bridesmaids Grey / Champagne / Blue Mandarin Collar / Sleeveless Dress / Gown

Lace Drape with a heart shape tube tulle dress - Adela Wedding Bridal Bridesmaids Champagne Hi Low Halter / Tube / Sleeveless / Toga Lace Dress

The possibilities are endless! 

Here at WeddingConfetti, we can customise the designs you like, and make it possible for you to attain your dream dress!

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