How to Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses Like a Pro

In the ever-evolving world of wedding fashion, the trend of one-style-fits-all bridesmaid dresses is taking a back seat. Nowadays, brides are celebrating the uniqueness of each bridesmaid by choosing to mix and match dresses. This approach not only caters to individual preferences and body types but also adds a vibrant and dynamic aesthetic to your wedding ensemble. Here’s a detailed guide on achieving a harmonious yet diverse look for your bridesmaids, featuring insights and options available at Weddingconfetti.

1. Start with a Color Scheme

The first step to mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses like a pro is to decide on a color scheme. This could be a single color in various shades (think blush to burgundy) or a palette of complementary colors. Stick to colors that fit your wedding theme and season. Pastels work beautifully for spring, while jewel tones are perfect for fall. Having a color scheme in place ensures that, despite differences in dress styles, the overall look remains cohesive. Weddingconfetti offers a wide range of bridesmaid dresses in various shades to match your wedding theme. Explore our collection here.

2. Choose a Unifying Element

To achieve a cohesive look, there should be at least one element that ties all the dresses together. This could be the fabric, a color palette, a pattern, or even a particular accessory. For example, if the dresses are in different styles and colors, having them all in the same fabric (like chiffon or satin) can unify the look. Alternatively, you could opt for different dress styles in the same color or different shades of the same color.

3. Vary Dress Styles

One of the joys of mixing and matching is allowing each bridesmaid to choose a dress style that flatters her body type and makes her feel comfortable. From strapless to sleeved, and A-line to mermaid, there are countless styles to choose from. Encourage your bridesmaids to select styles that they love, keeping in mind the unifying elements you’ve decided on. From elegant off-shoulder gowns to chic cocktail dresses, find styles that celebrate each bridesmaid’s individuality while staying true to your vision on Weddingconfetti.

4. Consider Dress Lengths

While mixing styles and colors, you might wonder about dress lengths. To maintain a harmonious look, it’s generally best to keep the dress lengths the same. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, varying lengths can work, especially if the color scheme and fabric are consistent. Just make sure to view all the dresses together beforehand to ensure they harmonize well.

5. Play with Patterns and Textures

For a more eclectic look, consider incorporating patterns or textures. Floral prints, lace, and beaded details can add visual interest and depth. If you choose to include patterns, keep other aspects, like color and fabric, consistent to prevent the overall look from becoming too busy. Discover textured and patterned dresses at Weddingconfetti.

6. Arrange a Dress Fitting

Once you’ve decided on the dresses, arrange a group fitting. Seeing all the dresses together will give you a better idea of how they complement each other. This is also the perfect time to make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the bridal party looks cohesive.

7. Accessorize Wisely

Accessories can further unify the look. Consider giving your bridesmaids matching bouquets, jewelry, shoes, or hair accessories. These elements can tie the look together, especially if the dresses are quite varied. You can find accessories that complement your bridesmaid dresses on Weddingconfetti.

8. Trust Your Vision

Mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses can seem daunting at first, but trust your vision. Remember, the goal is to reflect the individuality of your bridesmaids while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic that complements your wedding theme.


Mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses allows each member of your bridal party to feel confident and beautiful while still creating a unified look. By following these tips, you can ensure that your bridesmaids look cohesive yet individual, perfectly capturing the essence of modern bridal fashion. So go ahead, embrace the mix and match trend, and watch as your bridal party turns heads on your big day!

For more inspiration and the latest bridesmaid dress collections, visit Weddingconfetti. Let us help you create a beautiful, cohesive look that reflects the individuality of your bridesmaids and the essence of your special day.