Important Notes On Customisation

Important notes on Customised Sizing

  • At WeddingConfetti, most of our dresses can be customised according to your measurements and for these gowns, you will be able to select the customisation option on the item page. Do specify the measurements or colour clearly upon checkout.

  • Customisation according to size will cost $20-60 depending on the size/requirements. Additional charges might apply for measurements of waist length more than 90cm.

  • Do indicate your bust circumference, waist circumference, hips circumference, shoulder width, length of dress (including heels height) in cm upon checkout. For long sleeves gowns, the sleeves length, arm circumference and armhole measurement will also be required. *Do note that we will highly recommend having a seamstress to do the measurements. There will be no refunds/exchanges in the event that the dress does not fit due to incorrect measurementms submitted.

  • For all dresses, it is normal to expect a deviation of 1-3cm (for correct measurements done by a professional) between apparels. It is advisable to get our third party seamstress to measure for the best accuracy to avoid huge discrepancies in measurements.

  • Do expect that your made-to-measure outfits might not fit you perfectly the first time. Even if your body measurements are taken accurately, the clothing is made without the three-dimensional form of your body, which may lead to discrepancies.

  • Do take this into consideration that minor alterations might still be needed even after customisation.
  • For customised gowns, in the event that certain lace/adornments are unavailable, the tailor might use material or fabric that is similar/close to to what is shown in the pictures. Also, there might also be a possibility that the tailor might make slight changes to the design/cut/colour scheme of the dresses without prior notice.

  • Do note that due to differences in monitor calibrations and lighting, it is normal to have some colour differences with the colour swatch and the actual gown. Do check with the sales team for the actual colour you are looking at.
 Important notes on Customised Dress Design (Including Bridesmaid Dresses)
  • Our tailor can custom make gowns according to pictures that you have provided.

  • For customised gowns with colour codes, do check with our sales team for the best colour choice as colours might differ due to different screen calibrations. Colour displayed on screen may vary from the actual fabric colour.

  • The gowns will turn out to be similar to the original picture as possible, but there would also be a possibility that it would not look exactly the same, due to factors like differences in materials used, differences in sizing/body shape of the wearer and the model, clarity of the picture sent and differences in tailoring techniques.

  • Do expect a 90-95% similarity for dresses customised from scratch.